Paisajes del Himalaya: Guo Gan

Luego de su participación en el Festival Ollin Kan 2014, Guo Gan, uno de los pocos herederos de la tradición erhu (violín chino),  nos dio un viaje por Himalaya, su primera producción como solista. El llamado “Rey de la tradición erhu” no sólo es un violinista, es una montaña de creatividad y un apasionado de los tacos. 


El escenario se convierte. Guo Gan, con una túnica de seda blanca, a la usanza tradicional de  China, se vuelve un haz o un chorro de viento que al tocar los primeros acordes, te envuelve en esa suavidad y te puede llevar a un portal del tiempo o en un remolino de luz en ascenso directo al universo.

Reporting by The New York Times

With LANGLANG October  27. 2009  Isaac Stern Auditorium . Carnegie   Hall  . New York 

"Mr. Guo, a magnificent performer, shaped melodies with the expressive contours of vocal lines in Hua Yanjun’s \Moon Reflected on the Er-Quan Spring\ and provided flourishes that might give a violinist pause during Huang Haihuai’s 'Horse Racing.'" -----STEVE SMITH


2015 - 2016 Medalist of the Knights in French Literature and Arts. (Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, Knights of the Order of France in Arts and Letters also referred as the Medal of the Knights.) He is the world's first Chinese national folk musician’s recipient, and the world's first Chinese erhu performers who won the award. Member of the French Artist Composers Association, UNESCO invited artist. Guo Gan had won the first outstanding Chinese artist award for civilization and dialogue, honorary director of the Chinese National Orchestra Association. He is also the first Chinese erhu performer won the 20th World Outstanding Chinese Artist Award.

Guo Gan concert solo in New York Carnegie Hall

Guo Gan concert solo in New York Carnegie Hall .
25/03/2014 ,19h30


Guo Gan is a world-renowned ErHu Master . Hailed by The New York Times as " A Magnificent Performer " he is Known for his virtuosity and innovative technique . Guo Gan has propelled the ancient Chinese fiddle into new genres . having shared the stage with Lang Lang . Tan Dun and Lo'Jo .Yvan Cassar, Didier Lockwood ,among others. This concert includes sélections from traditional Chinese répertoire ,as well as collaborations with several jazz artists .

-----   New York Carnegie Hall Official .

果敢——享誉世界的二胡大师。被纽约时报誉为“一个华丽的演奏家”,他是一个有着精湛技艺和创新的技术的演奏家。果敢已经开始推动中国古代弦乐器进入新的流派 ,他曾多次与郎朗,LOJO .Didier Lockwood .Yvan Cassar ,谭盾同台献艺,这次音乐会曲目包括中国传统曲目,以及与几个爵士音乐家合作!

------ 纽约卡内基音乐厅官方宣传广告词


Reporting by Los Angeles Times

Credit: Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times

With LANGLANG November 3. 2009  Renée  and  Henry Segerstrom  Concert  Hall  .  Orange  County . Los Angeles

"Guo Gan, a magnificent erhu player from northern China whose father taught the ancient two-string instrument to Lang’s father. Guo was a wonder, his erhu sweetly filling the air with an astonishing sweet and sumptuous sonic perfume, which Lang accompanied with exquisite sensitivity and a sense of fun."  ----Mark Swed

Reporté par Express

L'Express :   15/08/2013     Guo Gan, grand maître du erhu, détourne son instrument traditionnel, proche de la vièle, grâce à ses sonorités jazz, rock et créoles   (  .Paola G )