In 2004, numbers of French television stations and radio had personal interviews with Guo Gan, and called him "master of two strings." In the eyes of the French media, he has become a symbol of the Chinese erhu, the French "Vogue Morning Post" in 2011 had written a feature article on his performance "Guo Gan, Erhu King of China." In 2013, the French most authoritative magazine "L'express" reported: "Guo Gan, Chinese erhu master. He used his traditional instruments throughout the world with various musical style." French jazz media praised him as the: "Erhu master boldly opened a window for the jazz." France's largest newspaper Feijia FIGARO written a special report on him, "Guo Gan’s Erhu, shining on stages in the world." In 2014, the Xinhua News Agency held a special report on the outstanding artists before the appointment of Xi Jinping, titled "Guo Gan, the 46-year-old erhu master, and the civil envoy of Sino-French cultural exchange." In France for 17 years, he has taken the role of the cultural ambassador of Chinese and French cultural exchange. He has represented the French Ministry of Culture to China's Zhouzhuang and the Shanghai World Expo, the French Cannes International Film Festival, the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France tour. In 2014, he performed at the Chinese and French humanities signing ceremony, 2015 Guo Gan jazz band participated the 2015 World Music Fair performances on behalf of China.

Besides his ardent pursuit of music, Guo Gan has been actively participating in charitable works around the world. In the past few years, he played at events organized by UNESCO, for instance, working with Tan Dun, the famous Chinese composer in 2012 in Hangzhou Grand/Theatre, promoting the theme of cherishing the world's water resources. He has also worked with Lang Lang in Shenzhen at a themed performance to promote world peace. He has played for free for children in poverty in Africa, South American and remote regions in China. He had also joined the "Beau Soir" Erhu Guzheng duet concert, with the famous Hong Kong guzheng musician Ms. Zou Lunlun in Hong Kong and Yokohama & Tokyo, Japan along with Chinese-Canadian accompanying pianist Jessica Yuen. In recent years, Guo Gan returned to their hometown to perform for his home folks. He repeatedly performed numerous Spring Festival Evening TV productions with world renowned Pianist Lang Lang and singer Huo Zun, creating an amazing Chinese artistic combination, triggered the Chinese national audience of traditional music love and sensation again.

In 2015, the French government and the Ministry of Culture awarded the highest honor of French arts - Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, Knights of the Order of France in Arts and Letters' to Master Guo Gan. He is the world's first Chinese national folk musician’s recipient and the world's first Chinese erhu performers who won this award. On April 25, 2016, in Beijing, The French ambassador to China held a grand award ceremony, the French ambassador, Mr. Gu Shan on behalf of the French president and the government personally award Guo Gan to wear The Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, Order of France in Art and literature, also referred as the Medal of the Knights. This award is to recognize his contribution to the world, promote Chinese music and French music as a true erhu master. Various news media also attended the event, such as Xinhua News Agency, People's Network, CCTV, France Fagar newspaper, French television and other hundreds of media reports.

In summer 2017 Guo Gan performed at the 30th year of French largest summer music festival, Violon Sur Le Sable, performing with the Paris opera Symphony on the beach of Royan with over 60,000 audiences. Performing his composition, “Himalaya” along with the Symphony, they have also incorporated his singing of Chinese traditional tune, along with his famous “Racing horse” with the orchestra for the concert evening. During the same month, he also led his Guo Gan & Mathias Duplessy Crazy horse band, Violins of the World, into the Chinese CCTV TV production set of "Bright Chinese," into the finals with hundreds of millions of viewers.  Judges and audiences review and complimented them as, "a perfect east meets west combination, the band of the new Silk Road.”